The story behind the name of my shop comes from the fact that I have been frequenting flea markets for as long as I can remember. As a child, my father woke me up at 5 a.m. on Sundays to go to the Sainte-Foy outdoor flea market. You had to arrive early if you wanted to access the most prized treasures. I often met my maternal grandparents, Marie-Ange and Gérard, as well as several acquaintances of my father. What struck me the most was hearing in the distance: Ah well, ah well, if it's not little Couture!

From a very young age, I felt endorphin and excitement coming home with great finds. This passion for the second hand has obviously evolved over the years as has the vision of my project. I'm interested in antiques and vintage treasures, but above all in finds with a story. It has always dreamed of opening my store and it is with a heart full of pride and with all humility that I receive you here today. 


Each piece in my collection is carefully selected, cleaned and showcased with attention to detail and aesthetics. In the boutique section, you will find unusual, practical, decorative and emotional objects. Some will bring back memories, others will allow you to create memories. 


The selection of second-hand clothes I offer is inclusive, unisex, gender-neutral, vintage and timeless. There are no male or female sections. All the treasures are mixed, just like our society. Each piece is carefully washed and chosen to appeal to people for whom the fashion goes, but the style stays. 


Le Petit Couture cest moi, a 1985 model born in a small village on the South Shore of Quebec. I worked in marketing for ten years and then finally focused on what tickles me the most, my truth. The best gift I have ever given myself is here, now. I hope to pass on to you my passion and my love for the beautiful as I explore this space created to bring back a part of the past. 

Please feel free to contact me at info@lepetitcouture.com if you have any special requests or to discuss a possible collaboration. Hope to talk to you!