This vintage store of my dreams, and now yours, it was born thanks to you: 

  • Architecture and design lover. Every once in a while, you name a word in German in a conversation to show others that you have mastered your knowledge of the field. Marcel Breuer, Murano, Cesca, you and me, and so on.
  • Passionate about antiques, the past and history. Sometimes you feel like you're living in the wrong time. Globalization, loss of identity, paranoia of a disrupted world. End of the century obliges, we all have vertigo, said Okoumé. 
  • Student, intern or young professional. Just because you work at Subway doesn't mean you'll settle for a coffee table donated by your older sister. In short, spending your money on non-essential stuff is your priority. 
  • Plant lover. You take more care of your plants than yourself, so you're definitely not going to hydrate them with a red plastic watering can and place them in mismatched planters. 
  • Established professional and owner. Your house asks only to feel alive and you refuse to cheer on the Ikea and Bouclair people of this world. Quality takes precedence over quantity. Apple green is not an option. 
  • Emerging artist or influential person. Difference and originality define you. People want to live your life and think it's always clean about you. Heard through the branches that you could collaborate with me, just saying. 
  • Greenpeace supporter and fanatic of Greta. The planet is your home, your refuge. You take care of it and you claim the movements of zero waste, slow living and minimalism. Marie Kondo for President.   
  • Nostalgic and romantic. Plastic cups with fluorescent colored palm trees are the representation of your generation. You often wonder what happened to your Tamagotchi and your Sony Walkman. 
  • You were peacefully watching videos of poodles on YouTube, when suddenly an advertisement brought you here. As long as you're finished, you'll always take a good look at finds. No more crazy than any other!

(The masculine gender is only used to lighten the text)