This idea of a unisex thrift store, I mainly had for you:

  • Young millennial woman, who wants to wear oversized clothes over your bralette or literally without a bra. Because your personality makes you even more attractive than showing off your curves in tight-fitting clothes.
  • Modern and autonomous young man, who shops by himself. Inspired by the looks of Jay du Temple, you assume your own style and personality. Above all, you're tired of your dating stealing your favorite blouse. 
  • Member of the LGBTQ2S + community, large or small, immigrant, citizen of the world and feel good about yourself. You feel heard and included on my site and it makes me happy to welcome you.
  • Conscious person, who does not necessarily follow trends, who likes unique clothes and quality materials. You have an eco-responsible soul and you want to participate in a circular movement. 
  • Parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt who masters online transactions. You are constantly evolving and you are up to date on the different currents. You saw tse snow. 
  • Music fanatic from another era. You think long in advance to plan your FEQ, Osheaga and even Coachella looks. The important thing is not to know the lyrics, but to show your community that you are living your best life. 
  • Nostalgic and dynamic. Nick Carter, Les BB and Okoumé are public figures who have empowered you. Mixmania is the revolution of your generation. In the Disney characters, Mickey and Donald Duck are by far your favorites. 
  • Human who is always cold, even in summer or at Saint-Tropez beach. For you, the chalet look is not a trend, it is a way of life. 
  • Sporty, active or simply good in clothes that breathe. Anyway, just getting through your day is like working out. 
  • Big brands lover, but who doesn't necessarily want to pull out an RRSP for a Burberry t-shirt or an Italian leather bag. 
  • Young busy professional, who doesn't have time to breathe and shop for thrift stores in a busy schedule. Between meetings, you are easily able to fill a basket and checkout around lunchtime. # priorities 
  • You have no **** idea what you're doing here, damn publicity. As long as you've read the content on this page, you'll still take the time to look. Through here!

(The masculine gender is only used to lighten the text)