What is slow living?

I know, this famous slow living, slow food, slow fashion, in short, slow tout is still not very clear as a movement. It's not just posting a pic of your morning coffee on your linen duvet cover along with a book you'll never read. In fact, slow living is more a way of consuming and living everyday life more slowly. 

To avoid searching, I inform you that the word slow, in English, is used as an acronym in this context:

S = Sustainable - Sustainable, which has little or no impact on the environment;

THE = Local - Which encourages the production of local, artisanal products;

O = Organic - Organic, organic;

IN = Whole - Whole, which has not been transformed

In the field of clothing, we talk about slow fashion. As you know or see, the big chains of this world are producing new collections at full speed. These clothes are then offered at low prices up front to attract customers. It is then possible to consume the transient current for a few dollars. Ready-to-wear is thus increasingly taking on the appearance of ready-to-throw. In return, the slow fashion movement advocates ethical, local and sustainable fashion. To enhance a wardrobe with slow fashion pieces, it is best to turn to local, ethical, second-hand and DIY shopping. In short, we must aim to buy less, better and slowly. 

In decoration, the resulting movement, slow living, favors sustainable consumption and ecological awareness: going back to basics and surrounding yourself with things that have sentimental and utilitarian value. Synthetics and plastic are avoided and natural materials such as wood, linen, wool and artisanal pottery are preferred. Slow objects are often unique or in limited series, and most often handmade. They are not necessarily trendy and come with a certain soul. Slow design is taking the time to think about and calculate a purchase as a sustainable investment that will stand the test of time and survive moves. 

Slow living has thus become my life mission. In my shop, I offer you objects and clothes that will allow you to give new life to an already created item, in addition to demystifying the second hand as a whole. To participate in this movement, you can continue to post photos of your morning coffee or your inspiring apartment, but this time by identifying pages that advocate slow living, Le Petit Couture in particular.

Together we can make a difference and I find that inspiring.

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