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The concept of vintage shop is quite wide. You will find as much antiques as vintage or second-hand objects, treasures with personality to decorate or simply to spoil yourself. My primary objective is to breathe new life into an item that has already been created. This nostalgic boutique, headquartered in Quebec City, is the culmination of a dream and a passion. My life mission is to add beauty and a bit of history to every home.

Over the past few years, I have changed niche several times before finding my own identity for the store. Sometimes I tended to come up with styles that appeal to a large audience, but that don't personally appeal to me. Lately, I think I have found my way, at least for the next few months. My research is oriented towards antiques, vintage, retro, mid-century and nostalgia. I want to make you feel the emotions of your childhood, make you relive memories and above all allow you to create new ones. 

The formula I propose for the store presents the objects in a very minimalist way. The treasures are often displayed alone in the center of the photo. Thus, each object can be imagined for its primary function or for any other utility. I take care to analyze each item, clean it and sometimes even repair it before posting it. Personally, I prefer to leave a find in its raw state, without painting or modifying it. The traces of patina or rust give character to a treasure and add personality to a decor. 

When it comes to treasure hunting, I literally travel the whole world to discover the cities of gold. The drab and dustier the place, the better the chances of returning with hearts and joys in the car. Back home, I allow myself to live with the objects for a while when I am too attached to my finds. Then when I feel ready to let them stand on their own, I exhibit them here. Finally, I know they will be in good hands for the future. 

I take the time to research the web to learn more about the history and provenance of each object. This lets me know more about the value and rarity of each. Obviously, the objects I present are unique and unfortunately I have no control over durability and evolution over time. I try to give as much information as possible about each product in order to be completely transparent about its condition. The prices are therefore established according to the overall condition and the rarity of the item. To discover vintage treasures, go to here !

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