Unisex thrift store - The concept

The concept of unisex thrift store that I propose is simple, there is no division between men and women. All second-hand clothes are available and collected for the human who wishes to give new life to an already created treasure. Finally an inclusive space with only one section and where the prices do not vary according to the genre. The best part about it is that I like to think that I created the very first unisex thrift store in Quebec. 

This fabulous idea came to me during one of my many visits to thrift stores. I constantly noticed young ladies in my area because yes I am a man. Some were probably there to dress the spouse who only needs Levi's jeans and a white t-shirt, but still, my analysis went beyond this mere hypothesis. At the time, this made me anxious, as I felt they were going to appropriate all of my beautiful clothes. It was then that I had the revelation that unisex clothing reflects a need in our current society. 

Otherwise, since my early childhood (lol), I have always had this passion for shopping. I wasn’t really embracing this one, as I considered it superficial, but in the end it’s what still thrills me today. I enjoyed choosing my clothes and having a full wardrobe. People often commented on my style and expressed a desire to explore my closet. Sometimes I would lend someone a song and never see it again. For a long period of my young adult life, I consumed only the sales of big box stores. It was only a few years ago that I chose the thrift and second-hand route, as much for the eco-responsible aspect as for economic reasons. I can now assume that about 90% of my wardrobe is made up of quality, vintage or pre-worn pieces. 

This passion for clothing and fashion sometimes reaches very high levels on my side. I love the sound of hangers bumping into each other and finding the next treasures to explore. I feel endorphin and joy every time I walk the rows. I can linger in this activity for several hours without getting tired, or even forgetting the time factor. Some people feel exhausted going shopping, while I feel more energized than ever. When will the Special Olympics be in this category?

In my closet, you will find gender-neutral pieces, of all sizes and colors. You probably won't be able to give a cross-legged conference in New York, but you can certainly live your day-to-day life in the comfort and style you deserve. I want you to feel good when you explore my thrift store section. My primary goal is to bring people together and decompartmentalize gender identity. 

I therefore welcome you to this landmark of accessible and inclusive clothing. Here, we don't borrow anyone's clothes, we make our own style. The universe of unisex is not just a way of dressing, but rather a way of expressing yourself and above all a way of being. Enjoy!



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  • Marie Pierre Massé on

    Bravo ! J’adore l’idée et le linge que tu proposes, c’est sur que j’achète prochainement 🙌

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