The history of Petit Couture

I am aware that you are intrigued to know who is behind this page, since I do not present my face often and share little about me. I reassure you, I am neither a robot nor an algorithm. Regarding the name of my shop, I'll let you know right away that it's not because I'm small!

So here is some information about me and my passion for vintage. I was born in the mid-1980s, in a small village in the Appalachian region. I grew up with nature, very close to a wheat field, in a family of 3 children. Back then, my father and grandparents often went to flea markets in search of second-hand everyday treasures. I listened to my father negotiating with the merchants and was impressed with his performance. With little money, I proudly returned home with unusual toys, even the most coveted ones. What struck me the most was hearing in the distance: Ah well, ah well, if it's not little Couture. It is this story and this memory that inspired me in the creation of my shop.  

When we went to visit family in Montreal, I was excited to go to the large flea market in Saint-Eustache. It was a shared activity between our two families and I could feel everyone's excitement about it. I also came home with my cousin's clothes. Since we weren't from the same area, it was as if I came back from the store with several new clothes. It was then that I became aware of this way of breathing new life into an already created and still useful item. 

I then left the family nucleus at the age of 17 to study humanities in Quebec. After college, I took the road to Western Canada to learn English and have a meaningful experience for my personal development. When I returned, I enrolled in the bachelor's degree in communications at Laval University. Subsequently, I held various positions in communication and marketing. Writing has always been an important part of my jobs. It is for me a form of expression that allows me to express my art and my creativity. Once again, this way of creating highlights words and thoughts, without putting me in the foreground. 

The search for second-hand furniture, objects and clothes has been part of my life for a very long time. I have almost always managed to find an option already in use before giving in to something new. I am able to assess the potential of an item regardless of its condition. During the Covid-19 outbreak, having just returned from a dream trip to Tunisia, I felt out of place in my current job. I needed space and time to refocus. This moment of pause then allowed me to put my passion forward and explore selling vintage items on social media. Gradually, my community grew and my project evolved along with me. I then made the decision to live off this passion and thrive in an entrepreneurship project. I am grateful to be able to grow every day and to make you discover these finds which will eventually become yours. Thank you for following me!


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  • Elyse on

    J’habite dans l’ouest Canadien et ça nous prends plus de belles boutiques comme la tienne, amène-toi donc par chez nous Le p’tit Couture!

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